• Main theme of our laboratory is "Expansion of Human Function." We design human-centric interfaces. Research fields are virtual-reality, augmented-reality, human-interface and so on. Currently we work on haptic-based interface technologies.


  1. Tactile Display as a New Media
      Conventional tactile displays which show physical shapes are hard to display true reality. We employ illusional feelings of human or inherent phenomena of object and design novel device to display true reality. We propose tactile displays as novel media for transmitting sensibility information.
  2. Tactile Sensor which beyond Human Function
      To transmit various tactile information which human feels, we have to evaluate felt sensation presicely. Here we design sensing method which realize characteristics of human sensation. Furthermore by transcending the characteristics, we aim at robotics technology by which robots realize highly skilled manipulation, or by which robots coexist with human.
  3. Haptic Display for Teaching Skills
      Highly skilled techniques of human, such as traditional techniques, should be recorded and taken over to next generation. To realize record and playing system, we propose to employ haptic display. Not obeying the movement of haptic display, but employing proactivity of human, we propose a record and playing system which realize proactive experience of technique and leaning method of exerting forces.