Dilatant Fluid Based Display

Recent years with the spread of tactile interfaces, there are many types of tactile displays. Many types of these conventional devices are displaying the physical information of the environment, such as the object shapes or forces. In other hand recent devices displays not the physics itself but the information of cutaneous sensation. However these latter devices are not multi-purposed but very much specialized devices. Each expression of the object requires each different device. Here we propose multi purpose oriented display using a fluid which is deformable and elasticity changeable. With this device we consider the new type of display which has expression of various type of elasticity and the possibility of controllable deformation. In this research we propose tactile display using dilatant fluid as having dynamic elasticity and deformable material. Deformation of powder medium induce the growth of airspace between powder, and the dilation of volume occurs. On the contrary the case the dilation of volume is limited, the powder medium performs like a solid according to the invariance of the volume. These phenomenon is called as ‘dilatancy.‘ By controlling the applied vibration toward the fluid, we propose a tactile display which can control the elasticity with the phase shift phenomenon of dilatant fluid. In this paper we experiment the controllability of the dilatant fluid by the vibration and acquire the fundamental characteristics of the vibrated dilatant fluid.

Dilatancy Monster